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A simple drug charge can have long term consequences. It may interfere with college applications, job prospects, and even with getting a place to live in the future. If you are accused of a drug charge in the Wilmington, North Carolina area, you should immediately seek legal help.

The McGee Law Firm has been handling drug crime cases in the Wilmington area since 2003. We handle both felony and misdemeanor charges. Over the years, the McGee Law Firm handled many different types of drug cases across the spectrum of the Drug Schedule Chart listed below.

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In every drug case we’ve handled, we listened to our client, explained in detail their options and performed a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding their drug charge arrest.

Drug Schedules Chart

A person with a schedule I drug charge will usually receive a harsher punishment than someone with a schedule III drug charge. It’s important to note that someone possessing a Schedule III drug with no prescription can be charged with a drug offense.

Schedule I – Drugs that are deemed to be the most addictive and dangerous. They often have no medical use.
Schedule II - Drugs with a high risk of addiction, but they may have medical use.
Schedule III - Less dangerous, but have a risk of abuse and include some depressants and steroids.
Schedule IV - Slight risk of dependency and are usually prescribed for medical conditions.
Schedule V - Low risk for addiction and include medications.
Schedule VI- almost no recognized medical use and low risk for dependency.

Types of Drug Charge Cases We Handle

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