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Obtaining a fake ID or altering a driver’s license to appear older to obtain alcohol may be comical in film; it is a serious crime in North Carolina. A fraudulent ID conviction can render your driver’s license revoked for one year.

Additionally, the allowance of the use of your ID or the creation of fake IDs is also against the law in North Carolina and holds similar penalties if convicted.

Many of the cases we handle involve the act of trying to obtain alcohol. However, we have handled cases where a fraudulent ID was presented to an officer, and no alcohol was involved. Even though alcohol wasn’t involved, a conviction can render your license revoked for a year.

If you have to drive for work or school, losing your license for a year can be detrimental. While a Fake ID charge may seem like “not much” or “kids being kids,” a conviction can follow you when applying for jobs or acceptance into higher education programs.

If you’re facing a Fake ID charge, the McGee Law Firm can help you.

If you have questions, we offer free and confidential consultations. We tackle every question you have about your charge and share how we may be able to mitigate the damage to your life.

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