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Jimmy could not have been more professional or capable in handling the subject case. I highly recommend his firm! I cannot thank him enough for getting a close family member out of a terrible DUI charge. His admin team (Angel & Jackie) were responsive and kept me in the loop, and I am forever thankful for them all. 10/10!
From the moment I spoke to Jimmy on the phone in regards to my case, I knew that I was in good hands. Jimmy and his team, Angel and Jackie, were always reliable, consistent with their communication, and helped ease my stress. Jimmy helped prove me to be not-guilty for a DWI case, which is something that I will forever be grateful for. The entire process leading up to my trial took about 6 months, and Jimmy made sure to stay in touch on a regular basis and was always there to answer my questions. If you are looking for a lawyer to treat your case as if it were their own, then Jimmy McGee is your guy!
Fanning115 / Google
Outstanding attorney and staff - they gave me much needed peace of mind about handling the case, and a great outcome. Would totally recommend this law firm!
I want to publicly thank you for advocating for me and helping me secure justice in my cases. You put your professional position in this community and reputation on the line each time you stand with someone in their corner. No words can express the gratitude my family and I have for what you did for us!
I hired Mr McGee for my DUI charge. From the moment I began speaking with him on the phone it was apparent that he knew what he was doing and collected all the facts and asked all the right answers. Would definitely recommend to any one in a tight spot and in need of a good lawyer.
McGee does excellent work. He worked closely with me to build a comprehensive defense during my case, which ultimately led to my charges being dismissed. His office regularly followed up to give me updates every step of the way. I know multiple people who have worked with him in the past, all of which had nothing but positive things to say. He was calm and collected in the courtroom—a testament to decades of knowledge and experience.
Nate M.
Mr. McGee and his entire staff were extremely helpful and accessible from the initial consultation appointment. Throughout my entire case, Jimmy made sure to communicate with me and worked to achieve the best possible outcome.

Ultimately, Jimmy was able to have my case dismissed and I would recommend anyone in the area to his office for his legal services. Thank you again to the entire McGee Law Firm.
Mike J.
After being charged with two traffic violations, with one of them carrying potentially severe consequences my search for the best attorney I could find began.

In my search, one name was continuously being recommended and that was Mr. McGee. From the first conversation with him I understood why he is so highly touted. Mr. McGee was able to ask all the right questions and then present the best plan to handle the charges and was successful in the courtroom.

I will never hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need and will use him in the future, if needed, without question.
Quintin H.
I freaked out when my son got a ticket at 16 years old. Jackie and Jimmy handled the case with absolute care and professionalism. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome! Highly recommend them.
Anonymous / Google
What can I say about Jimmy McGee and McGee Law Firm? Professional from the first phone call. Honest and to the point. Did everything he said he would do. His paralegals were very helpful all the way as well. And finally, took care of my case, and got me the BEST possible outcome I could ask for. We walked out of the court room together and I was speechless as to outcome of my case.
Sean F.
Mr. McGee and his team of Angel and Jackie were great to work with. They were helpful and kept me updated as to any changes with my court case. I even had a better than expected outcome on my court day. I highly recommend McGee Law Firm!
Tony C.
I hired Mr McGee for a DUI I received in Wilmington. From the moment of the consultation he promised to fight my case and do the best he could. He did not give me any since of false hope but prepared me for all outcomes. I would highly recommend McGee Law Firm for anyone especially if you have a DUI or traffic violation. He is clearly highly educated on the DUI law.
Anonymous / Avvo
I received an underage drinking ticket, which was a problem being an exchange student at UNCW. Mr. McGee helped and supported me a lot through the process, gave me clear instructions on what to do prior to the court date. Thank you very, very much!
I cannot express how amazing it was to work with Mr. McGee. Not only did he resolve my case with a positive outcome, I felt like I've known him for years, personal and genuinely cared for my situation. Cheers to you Mr. McGee and his office manger Angel for making this experience as smooth as it could go.
McGee Law Firm is outstanding. Every one of their staff that I have spoken to are polite, knowledgeable, and get the job done. I wouldn’t call anyone else in the area. When you need a Law Team to fight for you, they are the best team to have in your corner.
Kellie S.
I cannot begin to explain how thankful and relieved I am for Jimmy’s help and tremendous representation. He and his staff helped my family through one of the scariest times in our lives, and he was able to help secure an amazing outcome (one we didn’t even think possible). If you ever find yourself in a difficult legal situation, you will be very thankful to have him and his staff on your side.
Katie M.
Jim McGee was my defense attorney in Wilmington, NC, Circuit Court 2 weeks ago. He was a blessing. Jim is detailed, knowledgeable, well respected by his peers, and quite professional. He prepared a terrific defense for me and worked some kind of magic. Thank goodness the verdict was 'Not Guilty'. This charge would have hurt me for a long time. Mr. McGee was a blessing in disguise. He is the BEST defense attorney in Wilmington, NC, in my opinion, that you or anyone else could hire to defend you! I cannot be more thankful for this man's guidance and direction... I COMPLETELY recommend Jim McGee for your defense.
McGee saved my life it felt like! It was a very weird situation with charges in my case but Mr. McGee helped me break it down and was extremely understanding and even more helpful! I will continue to recommend McGee and his team to those I know who are in need of an extremely smart lawyer! Thank you so much for helping me!
My review of Jim is very succinct: Give him the facts, down to the last, most minute detail, and let him do the rest. His staff is professional, and patient, and you can see their experience shine through. I would retain Jim in a second if need an attorney again.
Very grateful and thankful to have Mr. McGee represent me in a professional matter with positive results. Truly God sent! Always cool calm and collective. Smooth and patient! His firm made the process go with ease. Once again I truly appreciate you guys and will definitely recommend your firm now and in the future.
Douglas M.
Mr. McGee provided me legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. While working with him, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer me wrong. I would highly recommend Mr. McGee to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from him again.
I had a speeding ticket and Jimmy took all the stress out of the whole situation. I never had to show up in court and he was able to get the citation dismissed. Easiest process I could have asked for.
Jordan N.
After recently relocating to Wilmington, I received a traffic ticket for speeding on an unfamiliar road where the speed limit was poorly marked. Jimmy McGee efficiently and professionally handled my case and seamlessly delivered a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend McGee Law Firm for a personable and effortless experience. I am truly appreciative of Jimmy’s assistance!
T. Smith
McGee Law provided outstanding representation for a citation I received last July. Mr. McGee was able to resolve my case fully and Angel Jones was a pleasure to work with during consultations. Highly recommend!
Kerry B.
My seventeen year-old son had his first automobile accident, including an at-fault traffic citation. Jimmy McGee successfully got the citation dismissed. His team was professional and communicative throughout our stressful time. I highly recommend McGee Law Firm. Do not hesitate to engage their services. They are fantastic!
Sarah M.
The McGee Law Firm is top notch!

From my initial consultation to my trial, Mr. McGee, Angel and Jacki were excellent. Being from out of state, I needed a great deal of guidance and had countless questions. Angel & Jacki were patient, informative and thorough in answering all of my questions and concerns over a 6 month period. Mr. McGee was professional yet relatable and suggested various options specific to my situation. He was up front and realistic.

When the day of my trial finally occurred, Mr. McGee was cool, prepared and ready to go. Clearly, he had done his research, was able to cite case law/code and his motion to get my case dismissed was granted. I cannot recommend the McGee Law Firm highly enough. Look no further. This is who you want representing you!
Mr. McGee represented me in court this year and he went above and beyond to ensure the best outcome for me in court. Ultimately, he was able to get my charge dropped. I couldn't be more grateful that I chose his firm to represent me. 100% would recommend.
J. Vera
I have not had a better experience with a firm. I got response from the firm in a timely manner, the paralegal was very informative and explained everything to my understanding. Since I was out of state I was very much nervous, this calmed me down very much on my case. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case! I heavily recommend this firm to ANYONE. Will definitely have anyone in my similar situation to contact the McGee Law Firm. Thank you so much!
Michele V.
Mr. McGee and his staff are attentive, helpful and professional. He worked hard for me and went above and beyond my expectations.
Rob R.
I only have great things to say about Mr. McGee. He helped me tremendously. A great lawyer and a great person, I would trust him with anything.
James Z.
Absolutely amazing!! The paralegal was very friendly, very knowledgeable, and she called me at every turn through out my case!! The McGee law firm is your go to attorneys to get you the results you desire!!
Michael M.
These guys are absolutely great!!!! Highly recommend them they took on my issue set it all up and told me I did t even have to be there!!!if you want professional people to represent you look no further.
Matt J.
Highly recommend this law firm! Very easy to work with and knows exactly what he is doing. Also has an amazing secretary Angel who is always willing to answer any questions. Made my experience very smooth.
Cameron H.
Mr. McGee provided me legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. While working with him, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer me wrong.

I would highly recommend Mr. McGee to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from him again.
Kyle W.
If you are ever in trouble in Wilmington, NC contact Mr McGee. Be honest with your situation. Mr McGee will guide you thru things and come up with the best solution. 5 stars are not enough to rate his firm. Speaking with experience in dealing with him.
Robert G.
Mr. McGee is great at what he does. He is an amazing attorney and is more than knowledgeable in criminal court matters. I’m so grateful to him and his staff. He truly helped me through a very difficult time.
Susie F.
It has been a very positive experience working with the McGee Law Firm. He was recommended to me by a friend, a local lawyer in South Carolina, who said he was the best. When I went to the office and spoke with Mr. McGee, he made me feel like a very important client from the moment I sat down.

Mr. McGee took consideration for my situation and helped me every step of the way with my case. I am very grateful for him and for the outcome. The McGee Law Firm comes highly recommended by me for any future needs, and I can't thank him enough!
Blair F.
McGee and Angel helped me receive the best outcomes in a few of my cases. If you want anyone by your side in the court room I would definitely suggest to give Mr. McGee and his firm a call.
Tristen B.
True professional who really cares about his defendants. Highly recommend his services.
Trent G.
They helped me out with a ticket I got and got it reduced more than expected, they were very friendly and if I ever need an attorney again I'll definitely go with them!
Zack D.
Me. McGee was representing me in a case that went to trial. Not only was his staff super friendly they also called me a week ahead of time to remind me and answer all of my questions!

During the trial McGee was very effective and got the case dismissed for me within the first 5 minutes.

I highly recommend using him and will use him for all of my court needs!
Kenny G.
Mr. McGee handled a situation for me and I could not have been better pleased with the outcome of it.

When I first went to meet with him I felt very welcomed in his office by him and his secretary Angel. Two of the most nicest people you could ever meet.

I would Highly recommend Mr.James McGee Law Firm to anyone because he will give you his best at 100% and help you in anyway he can !!
Debbie T.
Mr. McGee is a great attorney and a wonderfully nice man. He handled my case with utmost professionalism, and the results were better than I ever expected.

I was referred to Mr. McGee by several others who also had great results. While I hope I never need his services again, should the need arise, there is no question who I will call to represent me. Thank you Mr. McGee for your wonderful service. Highly recommend!
James E.
This is the man you want in your corner. If you find yourself in a legal issue, this law firm is your lifeline.
Michael D.
Jimmy and his office staff are top notch. They handled my very complicated case with great results. Mr. McGee gives you real expectations and then uses his experience and legal community contacts to get things done. I thank God for leading me to the McGee Law Firm.
Chris B.
This is the man you want in your corner. If you find yourself in a legal issue, this law firm is your lifeline.
Michael D.
Mr. McGee is a very knowledgeable, professional, persistent, and encouraging attorney. Mr. McGee is straight forward and did not provide me with a sense of false hope, but yet prepared me for potential outcomes of my DUI case and came up with the most appropriate plan of action. I was very pleased with the staff at the McGee Law Firm as they were very knowledgable and remained on top of everything every step of the way. Mr. McGee's office manager, Angel is also a great asset to the team. She remained readily available whenever I had questions and helped me to feel at ease throughout the process. I can honestly say I felt confident that I was in good hands throughout the duration of my case with Mr. McGee and his team. Mr. McGee's work reflected a desire to truly want to help and achieve a desirable outcome, which in my case was achieved. Mr McGee has definitely earned my recommendation as an attorney!
I would recommend Jimmy for anyone. He was responsive and delivered. His assistant is very helpful as well. As good of an experience as you could ask for in the event you need legal representation.
Jimmy McGee and his team are amazing!!! They were truly with me through out my court room issues. I would truly recommend them to anyone looking for a great, reliable, and very committed lawyer. They are number 1 in my book!!!

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