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If you have been accused of theft, larceny, fraud, or embezzlement, the best thing you can do is remain silent. As soon as possible, obtain the services of an experienced attorney who has handled theft cases and knows North Carolina law regarding theft.

In North Carolina, Theft convictions come with hefty legal penalties; they can wreck your professional career and ability to make money for you and your family in the future. Employers, landlords, and college administrations take theft charges very seriously.

In North Carolina, generally speaking, any theft of goods under $1,000 will result in a misdemeanor charge, and theft of goods over $1,000 will result in a felony charge. In some instances, mainly when firearms are involved, the $1,000 limit does not apply, and you will be charged with a felony. If the stolen items are obtained through a burglary, it is an automatic felony charge. The value of the items unlawfully obtained do not matter.

While the value of the items is a factor, prior records also come into play. A first time offender may have a better chance at a reduced sentence or a lesser penalty. A previous theft offender may be able to obtain these same results with the correct defense.

The McGee Law Firm regularly defends clients who have been accused of theft, larceny, fraud, or embezzlement.

If you’re facing a theft charge, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation to understand your rights and the situation that you’re facing. The discussion is free and confidential.

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