My Child Has a NC Provisional License and Received a Ticket, What Happens Now?

There are different rules involved if the individual who receives a ticket holds a Provisional License. In North Carolina, those under 18 years of age are issued Provisional Licenses.

If convicted of two moving violations within 12 months, there is a chance the Provisional License will be suspended for 30 Days.

With a third conviction, this moves to a possible 90 days.

A fourth moving violation could render the Provisional License suspended for six months.

Insurance for young drivers is high enough, so getting points on a Provisional License can start eating a family’s monthly budget when the insurance rates start spiking.

The McGee Law Firm has handled many cases where a Provisional Licensensed driver was issued a moving violation.

We work hard to mitigate the damage and keep points to zero or as low as possible, given the circumstances surrounding the moving violation.

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