Should I Pay My Traffic Ticket Online?

If you were issued a traffic ticket, the officer might have mentioned that you can go online and pay for the ticket. It sounds convenient and straightforward. If you’re from out of state and receive a ticket in North Carolina, it seems like an easy way to “take care of it.” By going online and paying your traffic ticket, you are admitting guilt. After you pay, you are found guilty of the offense.

Some traffic tickets are considered criminal offenses. A conviction would mean that you’d have to disclose this in a job application or any other form that asks for this information.

Depending upon your driving record, this could mean a revocation or suspension of your license.

Remember, by going online and paying for a ticket, you’re declaring, “I’m guilty of this, and I’m going to take the legal and insurance ramifications of this ticket with no fight.”

Recently, there have been campaigns to get people to inquire with the District Attorney’s office to pay their tickets online. Unlike the District Attorney’s office, we know what will damage your driving record and insurance rates.

Additionally, we’ve had phone calls from the community with horror stories about trying to pay a ticket online and then find out that they missed a court date.

One thing you don’t want is an order for arrest for a driving offense or a suspension of your license. It’s a situation that can get very embarrassing and expensive.

If you have been issued a traffic violation ticket, it’s not always necessary to hire a lawyer. But you still need to contact a licensed attorney who offers free consultations to get a better understanding of what you’re facing from a legal and insurance standpoint.

If you have been issued a traffic violation ticket, contact the McGee Law Firm for a free and confidential consultation. Jimmy McGee, who has been handling traffic violation cases in the Greater Wilmington area since 2003, will answer all of your questions.

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