South Carolina Driver Received Ticket in North Carolina

South Carolina has a twelve-point system like NC for driving offenses. Certain traffic offenses are assigned a certain number of points. If you are convicted of a traffic violation in North Carolina, it will be sent to the South Carolina DMV. The points will then be posted.

If you have excessive points your license can be suspended for six months. In SC:

reckless driving = 6 points
passing a stopped bus = 6 points
hit and run property damage = 6 points
speeding 10 mph or less = 2 points
speeding between 10 mph and 25 mph over = 4 points
speeding over 25 mph = 6 points
failure to yield right of way = 4 points
driving on the wrong side of the road = 4 points
passing unlawfully = 4 points
turning unlawfully = 4 points
improper backing = 2 points.

If a driver accumulates 12-15 points the driver will be suspended for 3 months.

Additional points over 15 will mean more suspension time. For the first 12 months after the date of offense, the points are assessed full value; after 12 months, they are counted at half value, and after 24 months, the points no longer count.

After speaking with South Carolina attorney colleagues, we should try and get a non-moving violation or a dismissal. If you receive a traffic citation or reckless driving misdemeanor in North Carolina., not only will you get license points, but your insurance rates will increase significantly based on your driving history and insurance carrier.

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