NC General Statute Section 20-141 (B) Speeding

Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, it shall be unlawful to operate a vehicle in excess of the following speeds: (1) Thirty-five miles per hour inside municipal corporate limits for all vehicles. (2) Fifty-five miles per hour outside municipal corporates limits for all vehicles except for school buses and activity buses.

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The McGee Law Firm handles speeding tickets in New Hanover County, Brunswick County and Pender County, North Carolina.

Many of the tickets we handle are issued within towns with 35 MPH zones such as Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Oak Island, Southport, Topsail Beach, Surf City and Downtown Wilmington.

We also handle our fair amount of tickets issued on Interstate 40, 140, 17 and 87.

Officers typically will write notes on e-citations that our clients have no knowledge. These notes can mention how polite and cooperative the individual was during the stop. There can also be notes about the circumstances of the stop including speed. They may also note information they have obtained through the National Driver’s License Registry.

When handling Speeding Ticket cases, we obtain all of this information and more to build your case and mitigate damage to your driving record and insurance.

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Jimmy McGee handles all type of traffic violations in New Hanover County, Brunswick County and Pender County, North Carolina. The McGee Law Firm was established in 2003.

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