What is the Difference Between a Private DWI Lawyer vs. Public Defender?

The McGee Law Firm is a private practice DUI / DWI defense law firm. We can select case areas, like DUI / DWI defense, that we have a passion to defend.

Public defenders are tasked with representing clients in a broad spectrum of crimes. A lot of their caseload involves violent crimes and theft.

As a private DUI / DWI law firm, we can dedicate time to strengthening our skills in DUI / DWI defense through representing clients, continuing education, training, speaking engagements, and attending national conferences.

During DUI / DWI cases, there may be situations that arise involving civil revocations, problems at the Clerk’s Office, or a hearing at the DMV concerning refusal during a DWI arrest. A private lawyer or law firm can handle all of these for a client.

Many public defenders have a heavy caseload. If you choose a public defender, it may be one of the first DWI cases they have defended. A DWI/DUI charge is very serious. A conviction can follow you for a lifetime.

Even if you feel that you’ll ultimately decide to go the route of a public defender, we urge you to call a private law firm that offers free consultations. Be upfront and let them know that is how you’re thinking at the moment.

The final decision on what to do is yours. A free consultation with an experienced DUI / DWI lawyer can let you know what you’re up against from another perspective for absolutely no charge. Take advantage of that opportunity.

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