Is Getting A DWI / DUI Lawyer Worth It?

The answer to this question is very subjective. “Worth” is a word that means many different things to many different people. DUI / DWI convictions include very hefty consequences in the state of North Carolina.

Some feel like if they say they are guilty and pay their fines and “get it all over with” and “move on,” the whole ordeal will be over. Down the road, you may run into situations where you’ve hurt yourself by just “getting it over with” without talking to or obtaining a lawyer.

No lawyer can guarantee the results of your DUI / DWI case. It’s not ethical to do so. If you speak to a lawyer who guarantees any result, call another lawyer.

An experienced DUI / DWI lawyer who has a track record of defending cases can take an independent look at your situation. In doing so, they may be able to find issues that may help during a trial.

Issues could arise around the circumstances of the actual stop by the officer. Was the officer able to identify you as the driver? DWI/DUI lawyers should be very well-versed on the Fourth Amendment. They should have a vast knowledge of Due Process.

Lawyers are also crucial for convictions. An experienced DUI / DWI lawyer will know the steps their clients need to take to mitigate their case. In this type of situation, treatment or community service is often recommended.

The original question is ultimately a question for you. Is having someone in your corner who has this knowledge and experience “worth” it to you?

Without a lawyer, you could face unnecessary jail time or probation and not know and accept it because you wanted all of this to “be over with.” You can miss time windows where you’re able to gain driving privileges or limited driving privileges.

A DWI conviction can cause you to be denied entrance into certain countries. A conviction can also increase your insurance cost 400% and cause you to be denied life insurance coverage.

When facing a DUI / DWI, it’s never a “just get it over with” deal because the consequences will follow you down the road and rear their head when you least expect it.

Is it worth it to have someone on your side who has years of experience who will use it to work diligently for your best interests? That’s for you to decide.

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