What Will A Lawyer Ask Me During Free DUI / DWI Consultation?

While we can’t comment on how other law firms go about their consultations, we can let you know why and how we perform consultations at the McGee Law Firm. In addition to being free, our consultations are 100% confidential.

It is essential that you are upfront and truthful about all of the facts surrounding your DUI / DWI charge and also your driving history. At the McGee Law Firm, it allows us to serve you better. It allows us to be straight forward and honest about the situation you’re facing.

In addition to obtaining as much documentation as possible about your DUI / DWI charge, the following questions will be asked to understand better the facts surrounding your DUI / DWI charge:

What is your driving history?
What was going on during the day/night of your DUI/DWI charge?
Were you taking anything?
What were you drinking that day/night?
Where were you going when you got the DUI/DWI charge?
When you pulled over, did you pull over slowly or quickly?
Was there an accident involved?
Did you produce your information for the officer quickly?
Did you have a hard time getting out of your vehicle?
Did you perform field sobriety tests?
What was the area like where the tests were administered?
Did you blow into the portable breathalyzer?
Did you blow into a machine at the jail or police station?

Those are the common questions that we ask. Your answers to these questions will lead to follow-up questions to obtain a clear picture of what happened.

It is essential that you are truthful about your driving record and honest about what happened the day or night of your DUI / DWI charge during our free consultations.

This level of detail isn’t to shame you or make you relive the scenario. It’s utilized to serve you better and allow us to build a game plan for your defense. We’re here to help you not to judge you.

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