Sobriety Check Points and Tests

In North Carolina, it is not mandatory to perform tests or blow into a handheld roadside breath test. Those who are sober can have difficulty performing these tasks. Medical conditions can also cause a person to have difficulty performing these tasks. 

Types of Tests Usually Administered

Walk and turn
One leg stand
Horizontal gaze (or pen test)
Finger to nose
Finger count
Saying the ABC’s
None of the tests researched have been proven to be 100% accurate.

Factors that may affect performance:

Type of footwear
Road conditions
Lack of Coordination

What officers are looking for while moving:

Following too closely
Stopping for no reason
Going slower than the speed limit
Slowed response to traffic signals or signs
Rapid change in speed
Close contact with center lane or lane makers
Turning abruptly, widely, or illegally

What officers are looking for in appearance:

Drinking in car
Fumbling fingers
Gripping steering wheel
Bloodshot eyes
Soiled clothing
Drivers head stuck out of the window
Erratic or obscene gestures
Blank look on driver’s face

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